There are many ways that an individual may be inducted into the Kentucky Motion Picture and Television Hall of Fame. Below are the different types of inductions that are sanctioned.

These are the true legends of the field. They have seen and done everything the industry has to offer and have had long running careers sometimes changing the industry along the way.


These Inductees are the game changers of the field. They are at the top of their game and show no signs of slowing down. These are the legends of the future.


Bluegrass Independence Inductees are making waves right here in the Bluegrass.  They are writing, producing, acting, and directing projects all over the Commonwealth of Kentucky. These Inductees will soon find themselves in as an Industry Elite. 

In addition to HOF Inductions, The Kentucky Motion Picture Hall Motion Picture & Television Hall of fame also honors Commonwealth artists though several awards including:


The Rising Star Award

Kentucky Film of Year

Kentucky Short Film of the Year

Bluegrass Independent Director of the Year

*Inductees may have their induction status changed based on future accomplishments in their field.